The Game “Born to Rap” Interview Revealed More Insight about Album

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The Game "Born to Rap" Interview Revealed More Insight about Album

On the verge of his album release, The Game might join list of albums that was released this month and this year. Behind his Born to Rap album, the 90’s legend has fully talk about some guest appearance. Nipsey Hussle’s gun down is an extensively beyond misdemeanor and The Game has been instrumental to Hussle before Nipsey’s untimely death occurred. He told us that he warn the rapper with his neighborhood. Meanwhile both peers in hip-hop has targeted to get adequate project yet it flip negatively.

In most case, The Game has shelved back his album after Nipsey gun murder and also disclosed that the album totally rap structured. During the Miami’s 99 Jamz radio station interview, West Side rapper erupted some enlisted high profile artists like Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Miguel.

Watching the clip above you will noticed that Game is readying new project definitely released in the next fall. He is pausing rap/music soon just after he drop Born To Rap album. Game dropped West Side few days, a song serving as one of the track in his releasing tracklist.

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