Lil wayne Tha Carter 2 Album

Lil wayne Tha Carter 2 Album; The Best Carter Listed

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There are always these classic albums of Lil Wayne that might gain a lot of notoriety and will never surpass his past album. In his Carter series, although Lil Wayne had a serious battle with Birdman allowed him to explore potentially his career. Lil Wayne Tha Carter 2 the best Carter of all time.

On a little summary of Lil Wayne Carter series, he shared about four Carter albums which include Tha Carter 1, Tha Carter 2, Tha Carter 3, Tha Carter 4, and Tha Carter 5 which was released in 2018.

Those albums mentioned above were released differently. Each has its best part. Lil Tha Carter’s series fully shows how incredible the rapper is. However, there are other albums outside the series. They were released after the inception of the Tha Carter, an album like the Funeral in 2020. But Lil Wayne has promised to continue the series further. Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the continuation.

Talking about the best Lil Wayne Tha Carter album then is more obvious that Tha Carter 2 leads while others follow. Lil Wayne released Carter 2 on December 6th, 2005. It was the second album from Tha Carter series with 22 songs wrapped up. Tha Carter 2 features six artists, Birdman, Kurupt, Currency, Nikki and Robin Thicke.

Lil Tha Carter series albums

lil wayne tha carter iii album cover

What made Tha Carter 2 the best is because it has sold over two million copies worldwide – making it certified double platinum and it mostly loved Lil Wayne’s global fans.

While every albums in Lil Wayne Carter series has been ranked, Carter II remains top-notch. Lil Wayne had also chosen the album as his best studio body of work from the series.

Tha Carter II finds Lil Wayne creating a winning formula that includes raw energy, risk-taking, a more polished delivery, soulful beat selection and understated lyricism that ranges from poignant to effortlessly slick.

Below you can check out Lil Wayne Carter 2 album Tracklist.

• 1. Tha Mobb

• 2. Fly In

• 3. Money On My Mind

• 4. Fireman

• 5. Mo Fire

• 6. On Tha Block #1

• 7. Best Rapper Alive

• 8. Lock And Load (Feat Kurupt)

• 9. Oh No

• 10. Grown Man (Feat Currency)

• 11. On Tha Block #2

• 12. Hit ‘Em Up

• 13. Carter II

• 14. Hustler Musik

• 15. Receipt

• 16. Shooter (Feat Robin Thicke)

• 17. Weezy Baby (Feat Nikki)

• 18. On Tha Block #3

• 19. I’m A Dboy (Feat Birdman)

• 20. Feel Me

• 21. Get Over (Feat Nikki)

• 22. Fly Out