tekashi’s baby mama says she flows more than Nicki on a new rap

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Sara Molina,mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter says she raps more than tekashi and flows more than Nicki minaj on a new Instagram upload.

Sara and smokepurpp exchanged words on social media recently and now she disses him again in a song yet to be released.This is not the first time she has called out “FeFe” rapper publicly now she involves Nicki minaj.

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“Dawg these rap bitches they can suck a whole dick/I flow better than Nicki I rap better than 6ix/Curve a new rapper, got him throwing a fit/Tell Purpp man up, he really sounds like a bitch,” Molina raps.

What’s going to happen next as Sara Molina makes her first step into the rap game. She has a verse on a new song “Okay” with rapper Fel According to the verse we have here.

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