Sweden Gov. Turned Down Trump Demands To Free Asap Rocky

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Sweden Gov and U.S Government

Sweden Government following laws, wants to detain Rocky over conviction
and as a felon being victimize by Sweden law for running into physical
assault during street brawl with a man whose name is Daniel Suneson,
also as the prosecutor in charge.

Asap Rocky’s case is
obviously a widespread after putting two government on clang. While
Donald Trump acting on behalf of the Black Americans, Mr . President, embarked to hunt out Asap Rocky off from Sweden jail, sent out behest on
twitter though barrage of angry tweets ordering the country (Sweden) to free the rapper after he was charged with assault.

Sweden Government must have came across the angry demand and hinted that
Trump anger will never develop justice right off the bat to the
rapper, also made it known that the country’s judicial system is
independent from politics.

Donald Trupm helped Asap Rocky arrest

Trump is peeved since Asap Rocky
release is taking much longer, and Sweden gov. has hopped into series of
tweet were the U.S president gunning to free the rapper from jail. With
his angry outburst on twitter, Sweden thinks Trump intervention with
verbally expression will not get the rapper at a spot.

Still re-posting our review about Rocky‘s run-in in Sweden. The rapper was
apprehend over street fight that got him convict. For the past three
consecutive weeks the rapper has in jail following his encounter.
Meanwhile we already updated his trial week after the rapper was charged yesterday.

Trump, looks like he has already asked for
Asap Rock’s freedom from Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven yet he
post on twitter “very disappointed” in Lofven and demanding: “Treat
Americans fairly!”

Mr. President move on by saying, “We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its
real crime problem! #FreeRocky.” Meanwhile the Sweden has tied up that
they wont get into the case, a spookman said.

“Sweden and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven have been very clear in the dialogue with both the White House and
directly with the American president, that in Sweden everyone is equal
before the law and that the government cannot interfere in legal proceedings,”

Former prime minister Carl Bildt told the daily Aftonbladet that Lofven was right not to comment further on the case.

“I think it’s right of the government not to go into a mud wrestling match with Trump. That is his element, and should not be Sweden’s,” Bildt said. Start The Discussion With Comment.

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