Stream Nicki Minaj 2021 Songs Compilation

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Over a couple of years, amahiphop has been able to compilation Nicki Minaj yearly songs. Making her one of the most hip-hop female rappers without slowdown. Her first compilation on Amahiphop debuted in 2019 after her 2018 Queen album came into existence. Sure, Nicki Minaj hasn’t dropped any proceeding album, but anticipation is simple what fans have been on since her last album.

Amahiphop compilations allow you to stream all songs or videos, either yearly compilation or monthly compilation as regards U.S PMVC and NPMVC. While Nicki has been fully participating in those mentioned categories, today you all stream all Nicki Minaj’s 2021 songs. It also means Nicki is now another female rapper on Amahiphop 2021 top artists compilation.

You can also stream her 2020 songs although Nicki Minaj last year’s music front wasn’t stable. But she tried her best to assist on a few collaborations. Below are Nicki Minaj 2021 songs including standalone and features from fellow artists

Nicki Minaj 2021 Songs and Lyrics; Amahiphop compilation

“Seeing Green”

Nicki Minaj finally released classic mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty from 2009 on DSPs. This is the first time we saw her doing such. She didn’t just make it available on that platform, but Nicki Minaj added another song in the mixtape featuring both Drake and Lil Wayne as Seeing Green. The song is the first song we recorded as the first Nicki Minaj 2021 song. You can also stream it on Lil Wayne 2021 songs compilation or Drake’s 2021 songs compilation. Beam Me Up Scotty also welcome more four tracks.

For the Love of New York”

Polo G is an artist who was able to get Nicki Minaj on his Hall Of Fame album. The album featured not only Nicki Minaj, both Lil Wayne, DaBaby and more were featured also. For The Love Of New York, that is where Nicki Minaj was featured on the album. Polo’s collaboration with Nicki is the first that featured the Young Money in 2021.


BIA and Nicki Minaj did a joint collaboration with WHOLE LOTTA MOENY remix. The song is originally from BIA but this year the song has also appeared to be part of Nicki Minaj 2021 songs. The also certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). This means that the song has sold between 500,000 to over 1 million copies.


Jesy Nelson drop her first solo since her break up Little Mix. She then linked up with Nicki Minja for Boyz song which was updated as well on Amahiphop U.S PMVC October videos. Boy is the best video in October 2021 and also ranked as of of the best 2021 music U.S music videos. Little Mix and Nicki previous collaborated on the group’s 2028 single ‘Woman Like Me‘., making this a sort of reunion.

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