Smokepurpp Took Diss On 6ix9ine, New song

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Smokepurpp Took Diss On 6ix9ine, New song

Incarcerated 69 foes aren’t keeping slow while he continue to serve. His girlfriend last month took online and spit that her Rainbow hair rapper is prepping to get his a** from Jail.

If you don’t know the beef between both Smokepurpp and FEFE male rapper then listening to a new Diss lyrics from Smoke… is simply reigniting that iced feud we thought both has squeezed off.

Series of odd stacks on detained 6ix9ine. Snoop Dogg last month weighing-in with his corny but seriously aimed on the rapper (Rate)

Now 6 got a new jab wax from Smokepurpp. Just on Friday, the South Florida rapper released the new track “Duck!,” which our earshot obviously labled the track as shot to 69.

“They know Lil Purpp shock a bitch like some thunder (Yeah)/Talking that shit then I put him up under (Prr)/He  not a savage, that nigga a runner (Bitch!)/Look  at my diamonds‚ they bright like the summer (Yeah),” he raps on the chorus. Listen below.

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