Shaggy Did Rejects Rihanna’s R9 Collaboration

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Shaggy Did Rejects Rihanna's R9 Collaboration

Rihanna’s R9 comprised to be a slew of high-level Dancehall musicians mainly traced from Jamaica. The album has undergoes undoubtable delay but we’re being brainwashed to hold. However, fans still awaits Rihanna’s Ninth album to debut this 2020 in no distance time.

Some questionable artists rumoured, Incorporating with RiRi and Shaggy is the latest heading expressing his rejection against BBHM singer. Dancehall veteran and Grammy-award winning dancehall star in an interview led his advocate were he talked about his turn down collaboration with R9. Rihanna who totally shifts her focus to music, to Dancehall Jams and according to her team, she wants Shaggy embody with her Ninth studio.

Although his UK Daily Star interview shared he did rejected to co-collaboration  that came across from Rihanna’s team. Shaggy also said the album is so great and it welcomed potential Dancehall minds but as for him, he didn’t need to audition to be on the record, Shaggy said. “I’ll leave that to younger guys. But from what I hear it should be good.”

Rihanna’s R9 has been lingered on multiple occasions. She kept getting more notoriety without viral gimmicks or attention on her unreleased project which stemmed from last year. Her album is one of the most wanted and anticipated project this year. No bad blood

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