Rihanna Tease Fans About New Album R9

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Rihanna's Tease Fans About New Album R9

Rihanna’s R9 is getting a lot of attention from angles. The man down singer has always struggle to put a better make up for ladies while her music fans are out there waiting for her to put an end to anticipation that’s making rounds on her unborn project which she promised since 2016.

The Curvy star was previously questioned about her album. Although this not the first time RIRI rotating this album in question and this time more fans came for her she teased them with a cool response.

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Rihanna chat message

“Ok now can you please go back to singing,” one fan wrote to which Rihanna clapped back, “I love how Y’all te me what to do. It’s great.”

Another fan wrote, “Annoyed. We want the album sis.” RiRi responded saying, “Well this is bronzer.” Rihanna has been busy with her Fenty and many of her fans has turn down her Fenty because this. They only wants her R9 not make.

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