All Rihanna 2022 Songs Lift me up, Born again, DMB

Rihanna 2022 Songs & Features

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Rihanna 2022 songs are kind of rare to stream but at least we have gotten a few songs from her this year. 2022 is almost done and dusted but Rihanna was able to make fans happy once again with songs like Born Again, Lift Me Up, DMB from A$AP Rocky. Another thing you should note about RiRi is that R9 remains one of these anticipated albums listed so far. Below we share a couple of the songs Rihanna has released. Not officially made for building an album for R9. These songs below are sound track and the one she made an appearance with A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna 2022 Songs and Features

  • Lift Me Up
  • Born Again
  • DMB

Lift Me Up

Surprisingly, Rihanna made it for fans. She came through with her first song of 2022. She was among the artists in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. Black Panther 2 was slated to hit cinemas. Well, more details about the movie have been provided. But the soundtrack is out featuring Rihanna on “Lift Me Up” and “Born Again.” Ahead of the soundtrack, Rihanna also shared Lift Me Up music video.

Born Again

Born Again is another Rihanna song on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. This is Rihanna dropping a song six years later. Though Rihanna Born Again is out. It was co-written by The-Dream, James Fauntleroy and producer Ludwig Göransson. Her recent songs are a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman who died of cancer. “I’d give my heart to this place, I’d give my soul or whatever it takes, never run away/ I’ve got enough angels to storm the gates, I’m not afraid/ And behold the brave, not have it no other away/ I miss the emergence and these moments of you/ The mere reflection of me, that mirror can’t change its view,” she sings over a soft piano. You can listen to the song Born Again.


Dats Mah Bitch DMD is not really Rihanna’s song. Although the song which is officially A$AP Rocky’s song featured Rihanna in the video. Rocky first teased the song online and he said the song featured Rihanna. However, it was only in the video we saw Rihanna. She voiced through song though. DAT Mah Bitch is being viewed as Rocky and Rihanna song.

Rihanna’s 2022 songs are nothing but these songs mentioned above. This page might get updated with respect to any of her new songs.