Rick Ross Shows off all Clothes Collections.

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The MMG mogul Rick Ross Showcases all of his Clothes Collections for the past years of his music career and that number of clothes and shoes he showed off has kept people talking.

Rick Ross clothes Collections has caused a lot of reactions online as his Georgia mansion room were overflowing with different kinds and types of clothes and shoes.

Meanwhile some people has started referring him as a hoarder while looking at the kind of clothes he Showcases online, but the MMG Mogul has denied being a hoarder.

Rick Ross Clothes collections has become a top discussion on the social media as some fans said that he was able to store such clothes in his house because he has enough room space in his Georgia mansion.

Rick Ross respond to this statement on him being a hoarder on his Instagram Story on Monday (November 7) after he posted some thing saying, “Listen, this ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss shit going on over here, don’t twist it”

Rick Ross refered this clothes and shoes to be just a day Worth of what he gets “This was one day worth of shit. I got at least two more days worth of shit” he says as he tries to clear the air on his collections.

Meanwhile he has asked his fans to suggest if he should sale some of those stuffs, just to clear that place a little, he also reviews that it also that way in his book Library.