Rick Ross Shows His Full Car Collection

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When the report surfaced online many thought Rick was just pulling some legs but he meant what he said about his car collection. About 100 of them he mentioned though he has gotten a license to drive. Rick Ross Car collection is something he wants you all to see

Rick Ross shows off his massive car collection but without a license? That was the heck that fans wondering the MMG is up to or why is he even proud without a license to drive. But love it or loath, Rozay is much more satisfied with what he has acquired over the past decade.

You want to see the car collection he was talking about. Well, here it is on Instagram where his cars were lined up with different colors.

“Who own a hundred cars and don’t have a driver’s license?” In the video, Ross is seen shaking his head seemingly in disapproval of himself before sharing, “More importantly, I’m filling out every day for my driver’s license and they ask me, ‘Are you an organ donor? I said, ‘Damn, if something was to happen to me and saw how good my heart was.’ Don’t let me die just to take my good heart.”


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