Report: Fetty Wap Arrested In Las Vegas For Punching Valet Multiple Times

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Report: Fetty WAP Arrested In Las Vegas For Punching Valet Multiple Times

Fetty Wap reportedly on new run-in with Las Vegas cops over altercation which finally got the rapper handcuffed.

According to TMZ, the incident took place at The Mirage in Las Vegas on Sunday September 1 been yesterday. Violent was engaged from Fetty to valet who turned the aftermath to the cops.

During the brawl, fetty later gripped firmly by one the Mirage co-worker detaining the rapper until the police come in rescue and in justice being justify to the victim.

Fetty is getting ham over punching a valet driver three times. Wap was released after his guilty though things currently not rooting for his favour since he is expected to appear in courtroom soon.

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The 28-year-old was recently accused of manhandling a woman he’d just met at a Hollywood video shoot. The accuser filed a police report outlining what allegedly happened at a Hollywood Hills home.

In cell phone footage of the altercation, she says Fetty pushed her and challenges him to do it again. He then appears to swat the phone away from her.

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