Remy Ma Discusses Why Nicki Minaj Diss Track “ShETHER” Happened

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Nicki and Ma still don’t share this common relationship. Over the past few years they ducked it extensively hard and with aims riddling at each other. Nicki’s adversaries isn’t giving up they all hunt for what they currently not having.

As for Remy Ma’s social brawl with Nicki Minaj, she has unviled part of underground work which was unbeknown to fans. SheTHER song took chances on Young Money traditional rapper who later render fatal and brutally smash back at Remy Ma with No Frauds incorporated with Lil Wayne and Drake of course for the cause of SheTHER.

If there’s something Remy haven’t disclosed to us then her appearance on Hollywood Unlocked, has truly let the cat out of the bag and Remy explained that she took on this battle for other female rappers more than herself.

“What led up to the whole ‘ShETHER’ thing was I just kept hearing so many things behind the scenes and I didn’t understand. Why would you do this to me?” Remy said nine minutes into the interview. “I was already annoyed at everything that was going on. I was like, ‘Yo, as long as this is the way it is, nobody—not just me—no women are going to be able to succeed as long as this is how it is. If you don’t sound like this, if you don’t look like this, if you’re not bowing down to her, we’re never gonna get nowhere.”

However, Cardi B and other fellow notable hip-hop diva have respective commentaries behind Nicki Minaj Music front. We recalled New York Fashion were Nicki and Cardi B altercation turned to physical brawl. Cardi B advocate after her one on one with Nicki Minaj simple let the internet know that Nicki Minaj don’t want other top acts to collab. her.

According Complex, Remy Ma also felt over salty seeing Nicki treating upcoming divas who would found excess fundness on hip-hop.

 “When I came home we had had a conversation where she actually reached out to me,” Remy said. “We had a real conversation. Anything I say, they gon’ say I’m comin’ at you. Anything you say, they gon’ say you comin’ at me. We’re not gon’ let it get to us and I thought that’s where we was at.” Remy To Hollywood, while on interview.

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