Quavo Talks About “Practice Makes Perfect”  – Listen
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Quavo Talks About "Practice Makes Perfect"

Quavo ? Yes one of Migos top-notch has resonates Godlike single, titled Practice Makes Perfect on a tried-and-true sentiment. Quavo among Migos high-wattage stars is simply huddling to bring new material to light following his 2018 Quavo Huncho solo album. While the trio shared some classic stores of experience via independent album Father of 4 (Offset) The Last Rocket (Takeoff) and Quavo (Quavo Huncho), Quavo again released positive song although lashing out gems of rapping also letting it known not all rappers standout as melted Gold right off the bat but practice makes perfect which will like to springboard a career.

Quavo first 2020 hit was assisted by Murda Beatz who is more frequently to produce healthy amount of productions across different minds-of-choice. Understanding what the song title means, I think it’s actually an avenue were resident Migos member Quavo, unleashed how he built his career and relentlessly striving despite faulty and imperfections, yet practice makes perfect. While the flow and ad-libs feel similar, the bars are fresh and the chorus infectious.

The song is obviously were he talked about Practice Makes Perfect of course sharing from survived experience. You can watch it below.

So what’s the appeal behind P.T.M ? Amahiphop isn’t sure if Quavo shelving plans new album, probably before Culture III 2020. Migos have been showing workaholic towards Culture series and hopefully releasing it this year.

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