Polo G Releases New Single & Video ‘Distraction’: Watch

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Anytime you hear polo G, most people are likely to remember his 2021 album Hall of Fame 2.0. But the rapper still has more to offer just to make sure his name remains more relevant to his fans. Today, Polo G Distraction song and video are out to listen and to watch.

He gives no signal that there is a new song coming from him. Is this what fans actually want from now. Sure, it’s cool to have Polo G Distraction and he is doing it better with this one you are about to watch below.

His Hall of Fame 2.0 album remains his latest album from the Chicago resident rapper. But Polo G is working on a new album which might see one of this year’s daylight. He never mentioned a new album on the way though folks believes Distraction song is the leading single from his incoming album.

Polo G, one of his biggest collaboration last year was his link up with Eminem Mozzy and Skylar on the Last One Standing song. That was a soundtrack but worth it.

The was released after his Hall of Fame 2.0 album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 200 chart with the help of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and more than appeared on the album as official assistants.

As for linking up with artists, Polo G also knows how to create a star-studded album. His last album was dope and well recognised indeed. Meanwhile, his next album would be the continuation where he featured more hip-hop artists. But also for now let’s keep distracted by Polo G’s Distraction video where he shared a real life lyrics.