NYPD Commander Reportedly Not Charged For Shoot 50 Cent “On Sight”

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50 Cent and NYPD problem

Earlier this year, been February, 50 Cent and NYPD officer whose name is Emanuel Gonzalez had a run-in with Foofy.

Both ducked it out following an allegation which that labled the officer as one of foe to 50 Cent.

The previous news that saw both parties in an event reported that Emanuel threaten 50 Cent on sight, extensively trying to gun him down.

While 50 Cent tirade against the Gonzalez for trying to take him on sight, the looks like it has been buried after some month we haven’t heard from Cent nor the Gonzalez.

However, there’s new development about the case and according to the New York Daily News, an investigation into 72nd Precinct Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez telling cops to shoot 50 “on sight” has been closed.


“This allegation was unsubstantiated and closed,” an NYPD spokeswoman told the Daily News.

Why the case squeezed off is the the NYPD department believes there’s no valid death threat figured out after all investigation conduct on the officer in question.

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