The Game’s Nipsey Hussle Close-knit Gets Fans Call Out

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The Game's Nipsey Hussle Close-knit Gets Fans Call Out

The Game presenting Born To Rap album next fall but he kept circling his depression, something he can’t get off on. They shared this historical abundance, legacies, common shares and many more to talked about. Nipsey Hussle is dead yet history keep revolving Hip-hop genre.

The death of Ermias Joseph Asghedom, known professionally as Nipsey Hussle is more frequently to penetrate into Game’s social media. Each Day headline is being maintained by The Game. He post on regular basis about Nipsey Hussle which brought queries from diverse fanbase of Nipsey Hussle. The crystal clear behind their close-knit has been overemphasized via The Game mourning over and over again.

Most folks still don’t get after The Game hopped on favorite social media and made another Instagram feed but this time around he talked about Nipsey Hussle legacy then stretched his sight on floating reactions on Instagram comment section were he addressed some bugs calling him out. Sure some fans of Nipsey Hussle are over salty on how The Game is utilizing Nipsey’s name and legacy for profit, and they took to Instagram to share their concerns stating that Nipsey is being exploited for monetary gain.

This is what gave birthday to Game’s commentary lately. “I’m only addressing this because of the very few people upset or bothered by the @prolificrecordsla merch etc…. #1 the use of the word “Prolific’ by myself is only my way of helping to carry on my bro’s legacy. Any merch that has been sold has my face on it, my albums is all pictures, logos etc are related to THE GAME,” he stated.

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I been the UNDERDAWG in this rap shit for 15 + years so the hate is expected & has fueled my entire career…. I’m good with that ! Yesterday there was a lot of bullshit floating around the net. Whenever you’re trying to do good in life, the devil sends his soldiers. I walk wit God & will not be detoured from my mission. Anything I’ve done since bro passed on to heaven has been pure, honest & from the heart. I been rich damn near 20 years off my own hard work & dedication so there’s no need to scheme or try to profit off anyone’s name especially my nigga “Nip”. I’ve only done my part in keeping his vision alive, his memory floating & his legacy golden. I’ve kept in close touch with “Blacc Sam” (nips big brother) & haven’t done anything with nips name or likeness without Sam’s blessing. A lot of people wouldn’t know that because you don’t know me, him or what transpired behind closed doors. Everyone loves to assume, jump to conclusions or rush to hate on a nigga whose done more for WEST COAST RAP then anyone. I rolled down my window & took nips demo with @jstone_allmoneyin standing right next to him at the prime of my career, brought him to the studio & took him on tour & around the world on my own dime, along with @kendricklamar @jayrock @topdawgent & fought with my own homies from my hood damn near every show over having crips on tour with me. But I held my own & did what I thought was right for my COAST. I’m single handedly responsible for so many careers out here & have never taken money, tried to sign niggas or asked for anything in return but for them to flourish & be great. I say that to say, before anyone fox’s their mouth or get to spewing dirt on my name for being who I am, do ya history. I’m THE GAME, I been THE GAME & nobody on this earth will tell me what I can or can’t do especially when I know I move with a pure heart & good intention. Wasn’t going to even do this but I figured a one solid message would get my point across. Hope I’m not misunderstood.. & while I got you, go to @themarathonclothing & sell out their new #Prolific drop !!!! #TMC #LongLiveHussle 🏁 #REALNIGGASKNOWWHATIVEDONEOUTHERE #FuckWhoDont 💯
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The Game once told us that he warned Nipsey Hussle about his neighborhoods before the rapper was victimized. He has been vocal following the death of his friend Nipsey. While many of his rap moguls had their tribute towards Hussle, Snoop Dogg also revealed what Nipsey Hussle has done and what Tupac haven’t.

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