Nicki Minaj & NBA YoungBoy On New Song ‘WTF’ — Watch

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Do you know NBA YoungBoy is one of the rappers Aswehiphop has compiled their 2023 songs and features. The rapper is obviously keeping his momentum alive, yet he has linked up again with Nicki Minaj on a song titled WTF.

This is another we are seeing both opposite genders on. Last year, they game us Admit It, one of the songs that appeared on NBA YoungBoy album. You can listen to it on Nicki Minaj 2022 songs and features.

Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy have also linked up on a song called What That Speed Bout!? That was back in 2020. They have been good partners in collaboration. WTF is another you love to hear indeed.

While you can still check out Nicki Minaj 2023 songs and features, you might also want to watch her new collaboration with NBA YoungBoy’s music video below. NBA YoungBoy is working on his new album Don’t Try This At Home it will soon out.