Nicki Minaj drags joe budden on Queen radio after he accused her of taking drugs

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Nicki minaj’s Queen radio was on air yesterday and it featured guest like Joe budden. Queen radio show has always been a show which nicki minaj use to address critical issues and also drop her latest songs and freestyles but last night was a bit different.

There was a heated argument BTW the rapper and Joe budden where he accused the “Super bass” hit maker for taking drugs,in other words “popping pills”. Joe budden has been known for accusing nicki falsely after he accused the rap star of popping pills last summer. Nicki brought up this accusation on air yesterday.

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 “Your entire last album did that. Your past is littered with itWho gives a f**k what she pop? But don’t sit here and act like you’ve never popped a pill,”said burden. Nicki minaj slammed him immediately,

“I never said that you dumb f**k! Cut his f**king mic since you wanna be dumb!” she yelled. “Are you that f**king dumb?”

“You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves,’ she continued before Budden’s mic was cut off. “He’s so used to thinking he’s the smartest person in the room,”Nick minaj yelled.

Despite the fire on air, Nicki minaj also addressed other issues. She told use that her 5th studio album is done and she wouldn’t be dropping any lead single from it.

She also addressed the current issue with Trina’s A&R considering the BAPS music video.
Trina’s camp is saying that I didn’t do enough to promote her song ‘BAPS.’ What the fuck?” she says.
 “When people you have helped continue to speak bad about you.. the people I’ve helped are the ones who start the narrative, so that’s the problem. I could say so much, but I don’t. I’m not addressing men anymore, my husband will.”

 Ts Madison took Budden’s place afterwards and Nicki said that she’d be married in the next 90 days. She also offered an update on her forthcoming album: “I’ll be married before my album comes out, but I’ll probably have my wedding after the album comes out.”

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