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Nicki Minaj Confirmed 5th Album and New Song

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Nicki Minaj Confirmed 5th Album and New Song

Really don’t wanna talk about her recent encounter with Ex lover Meek Mill but Nicki Minaj has been hiding behind studio. As of recent, her inner workings was left unwrapped and getting closer to it, then you will definitely notice Nicki isn’t retiring.

Last year Nicki Minaj wasn’t able to drop new material and wide array of expectation hopes she brings something different from past catalog.

Nicki Minaj has previously teased new song in studio, yet again her moment with Pollstar Live event is little bit of information about 5th studio session which she’s working on. Following her synopsis on new album status, she mentioned that her new song is coming with videos. So she’s desperately working, of course.

Nicki also said new song is coming on Friday or sooner. Recalled her last week preview, that’s what she promised but releasing in a very short time. Not her single but just a “setup song” and that the main single will come with a music video, as said earlier.

Nicki Minaj, Amahiphop confirmed her 5th album coming to light. Although no exact date though 2020 awaits new project from Anaconda rapper. Sure you all did miss her 2019 album but we didn’t.

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