Nicki Minaj “Anti-Black” Statements Surfaces Online

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Nicki Minaj "Anti-Black" Statements Surfaces Online

Nicki Minaj, to me she’s one of female hip-hop hug name. She’s being riddle up with more controversy across fellow divas subjecting her as adversary with this aim of put others down to stay relevant.

Successfully characterized as best female rapper of course to most die-hard freak fans.

Nicki Is black originated and I guess majority of us haven’t hopped on statements were the Young Money F gender percivied racist, I haven’t and hopefully i think you’re along with me.

I was checking out fresh headings on Allhiphop, and illseed, one of the top editor lashing out at Nicki Minaj suprise statement. Nicki Minaj on new deleted social media, she made some recent comments that have people talking. See below.

Nicki Minaj white

“What the white ppl post.  The blacks only post the few seconds where I raise my voice to push their narrative. #QueenRadio is back in a few days. Stay tuned.”

Dose it simple means Nicki Minaj favourite white than black. The post has been deleted just like said probably because of social media hunters and cyberbullying fans that weren’t buying this idea.

Nicki Minaj this year’s album has been compiled as those featured songs from third-party artists. Not sure of album although 2020 might be clash of albums (Tiger Wood)

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