Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Collaboration To Drop Soon ?

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Nicki Minaj and Kanye West photos

Nicki and Kanye West relationship is simply transparent. Both have been working on separate solo but still both to link up on single which has swirled in past. If there should be this probability them collaborating then it sounds perfect.

Kanye West is working on new album ? Guess we remember that which he noted he’s working with Dr Dre follow his Jesus Is Born album. 

However, Amahiphop gripped on new report were both Nicki Minaj and YE was hosted. The hint noted Kanye West whose Yandhi album leaked with different single making the album tracklist. One of the song in album was New Body and it featured Nicki Minaj but due to its leak it was then pause.

The New Body was meant for Yandhi’s album but  what was originally set to be “Yandhi” became “Jesus Is King” which is the album dropped last year November, but the bright side for fans is that the initial album leaked, and they got to sample “New Body.” The song has been hitting it up on TikTok, but the Barbz want more and have reached out to Nicki to get something more official.

Fans to hear the official version meanwhile Nicki Minaj said,  “Ok lemme hit ye about new body. I see y’all asking,” she wrote in response to the comments on DJ Boof’s Instagram Live. The 38-year-old admitted, however, that she is not such a fan of the single.

It’s possible the song featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West is probably dropping soon.

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