Nick Cannon Took Suge Knight & Black Squad Drops Another Diss at Eminem

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Nick Cannon Took Suge Knight & Black Squad Drops Another Diss at Eminem

Are my enjoying the diss brawl, online altercation verbally and extensively back to back singles from both Eminem and Nick Cannon. The rap battle is even escalating as more engagements continue from third-party appearance, not even Shady and Nick are doing this along but other sponsors are likely showing up.

Currently, vicious 50 Cent Obie Trice and Eminem are doing this team work while Nick Cannon, Suge Knight, Black Squads and also Suge Knight’s son also caught the recent wind and all are hunting tirelessly although for now.

While Nick Cannon already told Killshot rapper to bring his wheelchair to rap battle, he’s making he defeat Em but that’s might not be that soft since Eminem already stand, standalone and standout to trend bars of his gems of rapping.

Lately, Obie Trice prove his Eminem Stan making the rap battle 2-2. Eminem Lord Above and Obie Spanky Eyes while Nick Cannon also got two diss songs as The Invitation and the one you about to stream on Amahiphop December song list which comes as the second diss Nick lashing out at Eminem and it’s called Pray For Him.

Nick Cannon and Em started beefing again after Nick Made some unflattering comments on T.I.’s “ExpediTIously” podcast in September, suggesting he would prefer to kick the Detroit rapper’s ass instead of battling him.

Eminem haven’t gave us full length of his own diss song aimed at Cannon but let’s just hope. Remember the battlefield reignited following Lord Above under Family Ties album.

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