50 Cent Roast Nick Cannon’s Anti-Semitic But Diddy Not In Support

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50 Cent Nick Cannon Diddy Anti-Semitic Comments

Ok this is it, Nick Cannon is fully blaming himself for Anti-Semitic comments he made during his appearance in June 30th, at episode of Cannon’s class podcast at ViacomCBS. His recent episode got him fired after unexpected Anti-Semitic and conspiracy theory from him in presence of Griff, one who was fired from a group back in 1989 for hate comment.

The company finally trace back his offensive comment and yesterday announced the rapper relationship them has ended. Nick Cannon, although he has apologized for his comments.

Now things is getting more cross-examine and 50 Cent who in no way shows any support to Nick Cannon right from his career just got advantage to blast Nick despite been canceled by ViacomCBS company. 50 using his own little way of blast took to his Instagram and called out Nick Cannon following hate comments.

“We are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him.” ViacomCBS shared. 50 Cent to his Instagram, he said “Damn nikki what the f*** was you on that stupid ass podcast talking about?” the rapper wrote. 50 Cent “No More Wilding out Hun! (Don’t worry Be Happy).”

Diddy also hopped on Nick’s latest regret. Puff who has been going through different headings about Nick Cannon fired from ViacomCBS shown up with his support to Nick. Upon how the Anti-Semitic looks like and how denounced he has gotten, Diddy still backing Nick sitting position.

The hip-hop mogul, Diddy, irrespective of Fiddy’s and ViacomCBS slams, he took to Twitter and told Nick Cannon not to worry, Revolttv got his back.

@NickCannon come home to @REVOLTTV truly BLACK OWNED!!! ✊🏿❤️ We got your back and love you and what you have done for the culture. We are for our people first!!! For us! By US! Let’s go!

“The only way we can change the narrative, educate, and uplift each other is if we do it together. Nick, my brother, I am here to support you fully in any way you need.? What we are not going to do is turn our backs on our brothers and sisters when they challenge the system.? Come home to @REVOLTTV, which is truly BLACK OWNED! We got your back and love you and what you have done for the culture,”

Diddy Revolt last month took aim at Eminem for dissing the TV show on leaked song. Source told Amahiphop that Diddy did acknowledged ViacomCBS is managed by white and Nick Cannon fired for Anti-Semitic isn’t secret. What do you think about Diddy’s support Nick who already apologized for his verbal action.

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