New Nick Cannon Song “Cancel Invitation” Appears Online Dissing Eminem – Listen
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New Nick Cannon Song "Cancel Invitation" Appears Online Dissing Eminem - Listen

Nick Cannon has been doing his best to make sure he put Eminem to rest without even allowing Eminem to speak for himself. Despite all series of shot from Joyner Lucas, Nick don’t care any more but only wants to pull the trigger on Slim shady.

About Three diss songs from Nick Cannon has Eminem and this third one is called Cancel Invitation after The Invitation, Pray For Him are all the first and second songs dissing Em just this year and month.

These diss tracks really wants Eminem to spit. Since Nick Cannon Diss tracks hit online, Eminem haven’t responded to but Obie Trice has been the one doing the underground work for Eminem with new diss songs aimed at Nick Cannon. Check Out Nick Cannon third diss songs for Eminem below.

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