Justin Bieber 2022 songs

New Justin Bieber 2022 Songs to Listen to

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While we are looking forward r to streaming a new album from Justin, he has never let go of his fans not at least he always delivers yearly. It is either through standalone single or joint collaboration. So far, new Justin Bieber 2022 songs to listen to are just a few. He got featured just on a few songs. But before we share that below, let’s take back on his 2021 actives in just a couple of seconds.

Apart from Justin Bieber’s Justice album which was released last year, their songs in Justin Bieber were featured. Justice was released right after his 2020 Changes album. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been dropping albums for a couple of years now.

Justice was a follow up to his Changes album. However, last year Justin Bieber was able to get featured on the songs below which didn’t appear on his Justice album.

Justin Bieber 2021 Features

  • Let It Go
  • Where You Go I Follow
  • Where Do I Fit In
  • Ephphata
  • Body In Motion
  • 10,000 Hours
  • Lonely Christmas
  • Lonely With

The above listed are songs Justin Bieber was featured on, last year while he drop his Justice album same that year. In 2022, Justin Bieber has not dropped any album. But he got a ton of collaboration aside from his studio which we are to list below.


Justin Bieber and Omah Lay joined forces on Attention which was released on the 4th of March 2022. This song has been what fans listen to as part of Justin Bieber’s 2022 song. Justin Bieber again has assisted another Nigerian artist Omah Lay. Bieber’s second appearance on Omah Attention shows that loves working with Afrobeat. Meanwhile, his first Afto Collaboration was on Essence, a song by Wizkid featuring Tems and get a remix where Justin Bieber is featured.

Attention also came along with its official video which is directed by Colin Tilley and watching the video Bieber and Omah Lay party around with a bonfire night as they sing and dance. These two artists are currently on tour on a different albums.

Up At Night

Up At Night is one of Justin Bieber’s songs of 2022. Although is a song from Kehlani featuring Justin Bieber. This is one of the singles on Kehlani’s upcoming album Blue Water Road which will be released this month on the 29th. It is not the first time they have worked together because we still can remember their collaboration on Get Me. Get Me appeared on Justin Bieber’s 2020 Changes album.

“Up To Night” is the third offering from Blue Water Road, following “Little Story” and “Altar.” The LP will mark Kehlani’s third full-length offering and follow her 2020 LP, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. “Blue Water Road is a destination in my mind,” Kehlani previously said of the new album in a statement. “I’m giving everyone access. It’s an emotional journey, a sexual journey, and a spiritual journey. To me, the album is like a glasshouse. It’s light, transparent, and the sun is shining right through it.” 


Beam added a new song and this one featured Justin Bieber. The song is called Sundown and matter of fact it is one of the songs featuring Justin Bieber this 2022.

Justin 2022 song list is what you are streaming above. So far, they are the only song he has been able to assist so far. There has not been any update about Justin Bieber’s 2022 album. Not even the singer has announced any project following his 2021 Justice album.

Justin Bieber has only three songs as you have streamed above. But if there is a new 2022 Justin Bieber song then it will be updated on this page particularly. Right now, the only thing Justin is giving is fans is touring with his Justice album which you can get the ticket at ticketmaster.

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