NBA YoungBoy Biggest hit song

Nba YoungBoy Biggest Hit “Lonely Child”

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There are so many things that makes NBA YoungBoy become a favourite rapper. Most of his songs are worth listening though not all rated. NBA YoungBoy biggest hit of hi career is Lonely Child.

Lonely Child, well, the song was released back in 2019 from his album AI YoungBoy 2 which was released the same year, this songs has over 100 million views on Youtube making it the biggest song of NBA YoungBoy ever.

This might not be the first song that pulled him out into the fame world, but lonely child has given him notoriety with viral gimmicks. In 2015/2016 NBA YoungBoy began to explore its potential.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper, after he was released from prison in 2017, was able to secure a mixtape, ep singles, and albums and became a notable fixture on the Billboard chart. He has a rocky biography though

NBA YoungBoy biggest hit

However, there are so many songs of NBA YoungBoy but not all can be called hit or biggest songs. Songs like Outside Today Untouchable are NBA most earlier songs and they are well known as the first songs of the rapper.

But Lonely Child is far more recognizable since it belongs to the album that earned him top chart rapper on Billboard with AI YoungBoy 2 album. This album featured 18 tracks and had Lonely Child as track 11. You can stream the album below.

Lonely Child is loved not because of the album. But has been proven his childhood difficult moment, and how he was raised by his mother alone. Listening to the song then you will see that the lyrics are written in a soulful and emotional style.

NBA YoungBoy Lonely Child is cool and has been a song on his catalog of hits. NBA YoungBoy is one of top streamed artists in U.S so far. After Drake he follow is NBA YoungBoy.

The Baton Rouge rapper is one of the successful hip-hop rappers while living with his contemporaries. Although these his lyrics are often hard and violent but it only reflects on his past struggles.