I hate young boy diss track

NBA Youngboy Takes Shots at Lil Durk, Lil Baby & Gucci Mane on New Song ‘I Hate Youngboy’

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NBA Youngboy has hit the bricks after Lil Durk’s latest song from his 7220 album slated to drop next and you can see the full details here.I hate youngboy

What happened lately, on Lil Durk’s AHHH Ha song might have touched the wrath of the baton Rouge rapper who can’t wait for a long to respond to Durk’s AHHH Ha song.

AHHH Ha came through dissing NBA Young boy and his ex-girlfriend. That was huge because listening to that song, Durk opened up and NBA has to feel which he later felt and fired back with I Hate YoungBoy.

I Hate YoungBoy is sing NBA YoungBoy is using to diss back his colleagues which includes Lil Baby and Lil Durk. Other top rappers he dissed are  Gucci Mane, King Von and Boosie.

“He called me a bitch, that’s India, that be your ho,” he raps near the beginning of the track. He then references Durk’s late cousin OTF Nunu, his fiancée India and the late King Von. “Pu**y bitch dissin’ me / Mad about his dead homie,” he raps.

He also mentions how he doesn’t like Gucci Mane anymore since he collaborated with Lil Durk and how Apple Music doesn’t promote his music like they do with Lil Durk’s music. “Used to f**k with Gucci till I see he like them pussy ni**as,” he raps about Gucci Mane. “Feelin’ like Boosie don’t even like me / Bitch, don’t call my phone,” he rhymes about Boosie and then takes an aim at Apple: “Tell Apple I said f**k ’em.”

Lil Durk’s 7220 album is dropping next month as said. We are not sure if there is will continue. However, Lil Durk has gotten Amahiphop 2022 songs compilation.

Lil Durk’s 2022 songs compilation features all his new songs for this year and you can check out all the new songs that he has been featured on since this year.