NBA Youngboy Joins Blueface Mom’s Kicks Out Lineup

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NBA Youngboy Joins Blueface Mom's Kicks Out Lineup

Just this year Blueface and his family ducked it out. Both his sister and mother then his girlfriend interferes on serious altercation and it all led to mom kicked out. Sharing their respective stories about the domestic altercation, it wasn’t actually physical brawl but Blueface had lash of inflammatory comments from difference headquarters of his fans.

Imagine your mom imperfection pissing you off and in exchange, you decide over the plan B after your extravagant luxury is under your coverage not even mom. Lol quite strange, Links Strict don’t really know how manage mom got jumped on by you. Listening to Tupac Dear Mama might serve so clarify how Blueface or maybe NBA YoungBoy needs to treat mom’s.

YoungBoy has excerse part of this unthinkable over his mom. Never bought his mother a house were she put some here preferred belongs yet report surfaced online lately, explaining how the family being rub off, NBA kicking his mom out of the house he purchased for her.

She let him have it in all of her internet glory too!!! “Kentrell got me a f##king house, he’ll get you a house and then if you don’t do what he f##king says, he’ll get it took. I don’t give a f##k, you can have your house, bitch. I’ll go under the interstate. B#tch, I’ll go sleep on a f##king park bench.”

Well, with all respect to Youngboy, his mom ain’t Afeni Shakur. LOL!!! According to Allhiphop.

So how rapper so have mom kicked out house. Blueface and NBA YoungBoy developed this act this year. What do you think

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