Nas Shares ‘War Against Love’ Music Video – Watch Now

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Nas Shares ‘War Against Love’ Music Video – Watch Now

Nas’s The Lost Tapes 2, Did the project embraced recognition ? However, Nas has been doing more of scene behind his debuted album and here is new video under his The Lost Tapes 2.

War Against Love Music video is out and it was directed by Jason Goldwatch. The video featured MAGA supporters and gang members as well as President Carter and Adolf Hitler, among others.

War Against Love is produced DAHI and DJ Khalil. Nas War Against Love is a peaceful visual illustrating peace, displaying humankind’s achievements and nature’s paired with difficult scenes of man-made destruction.”

Watching Nas The Lost Tapes 2 video will simply advice people to learn from their mistakes and lay off from bad. His Christianity message on this video is nothing but the MC let it be known on how peace can change the world. Watch below.

Just like I said, Nas is promoting his Lost Tapes 2 with new videos. After watching his No Bad Energy video he then came back and delivered another one.

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