Nas Shares “Lost Tapes 2” Video For “No Bad Energy”

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Official legendary Nas just drag some pretty attention once again on his landmark The Lost Tape 2 which he released few months back, just this year.

The notable MC scene on new shot for his The Lost Tapes 2 Video, a visual directly coming from repeated project although added 2 which differentiate but the first version.

NO BAD ENERGY is here to put TLT 2 little bit promotion. Watch the video, you see the Rap wizardry feature piano, Glass of Win, his sight on a beautiful lady walk by his mansion window. Later, he steps outside to enjoy the lavish home’s ocean view.

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 “No Bad Energy” is the opening track from The Lost Tapes 2, which Nas dropped in July. The compilation features songs that were left on the cutting room floor of his albums Hip Hop Is Dead, Untitled, Life Is Good and Nasir. Watch below.

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