Nas and Dj Premier beat

Nas and Dj Premier Taking us on a new Beat Song

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You know that one of the most wanted collaboration fans needs these days also Nas and DJ Premier beat. Like they want both to collaborate on a new song. The fact is that Nas and Hit-Boy have always been this close-knit when it comes to rap, beat production or let’s call it hip-hop entirely.

But something is still missing from Nas’s end likewise DJ Premier. Meanwhile, it is all likely to be a link-up that fans want to see. DJ Premier and Nas teaming up on a new song will be amazing and lately, there has been a rumour swirling around. Both of them are yet to give us a different type of hip-hop song. So, what exactly are you not hearing about Nas and DJ Premier?

However, there might be a new project getting released this month July 15 2022 being Friday next week. Report reaching out to us has noted that the duo are conveying on a strong project on July 15th. DJ Premier is another corny one who teases things indirectly. He took to his Twitter account and posted: “7/15 @Nas”

It could be very difficult to get what he was trying to pass to his fans, maybe to a few people. Though some detective folks on Twitter are saying DJ Premier just dropped a snippet of a single song. Different opinions have been flying in and out. Some are saying Nas and DJ Premier beat are all set for King Disease 3

Honestly, DJ Premier and Nas linking will also go a long way to success. Fans need as a backup to Nas and Hit-Boy beautiful work over years. They have earned Grammys and have built momentum. So, Nas and the “Gang Starr general” releasing a joint album will definitely be worth it. Let’s hope and see what this month will bring from both hip-hop tycoons.

Have you listened to Logic’s new album Vinyl Days? There you will also hear DJ Premier and Logic on their new song Vinyl Days. The album also featured Wiz Khalifa on a track called Breath Control. You can check out Logic featuring DJ Premier below.