Meek Mill’s Reform Stopping The Execution Of Rodney Reed

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Meek Mill's Reform Stopping The Execution Of Rodney Reed

Meek Mill is Jay-Z‘s replicate. Both have high rated advocate in help fight injustice. Since Meek Mill scored major victory against probably, the Philadelphia-bred emcee went from fighting his own case in Pennsylvania to advocating for other people across the country just to help lives survive rather than executed.

Meek Mill prison reform spotting it’s best avenue of justice. He continue nagging relentlessly and he recently cought wind of Rodney Reed in Texas who could be executed in less than a month over a crime he didn’t commit just as Meek Mill claimed.

Last night, Meek took to Twitter to bring awareness to Rodney Reed in Texas. A petition was launched to convince Governor Greg Abbott to stop Reed’s November 20th scheduled execution.

Reed, an African-American, was found guilty by an all-white jury of the 1996 rape and murder of Stacey Stites. According to the #FreeRodneyReed website, Stiles and Reed had a consensual sexual relationship and the DNA evidence presented by the prosecution resulted from that relationship.

In addition, Stites’ fiancé, Jimmy Fennell, allegedly confessed to killing Stacey. Fennel was a police officer convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting another woman while he was on duty. He was the original prime suspect in the Stites case and apparently threatened to kill her over the affair with Reed.

“Mr. Reed’s execution is less than one month away, meaning Texas is frighteningly close to executing an innocent man,” said Bryce Benjet, Reed’s attorney. “Between the medical and scientific evidence, and multiple new, credible witnesses, the original case trial has been completely deconstructed and disproven.”

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