Meek Mill Thinks About Nicki Minaj Love and Worth

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Meek Mill Thinks About Nicki Minaj Love and Worth

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj over forever ? That’s for real, it’s kind of we foe everlasting. Ask me, maybe I will likely to disagree because he might be mad at Nicki but his inner cares can’t be hidden, of course someone missing a lot.

Meek Mill his year turned notoriously active on social drama. His on going beef with Tekashi and Cent spot the Philly rapper as one rapper who faced slash yet facing more within range, so far.

But just wait, did Meek Mill accused Nicki Minaj assisting Tekashi’s TROLLZ for fake view just most dectative fans claimed. The only thing I can remember is when Meek Mill took to Twitter, So “numbers do lie” and it was easily capture against Tekashi double playing in favour of No. 1.

Sure, with some negative comments from social media folks to Meek Mill, it’s obviously salt in the wounds but Meek Mill isn’t over Nicki Minaj despite her message to him. It’s pretty obvious at this point. Right before Meek had a heated debate with DJ Akademiks, and said there is a “green light” on him, he was in his feelings about Nicki.

In a tweet, he sent out on Friday, Meek referenced a “girl” that he used to date, and when he sees her with the love of her life, it makes him realize their worth. Well it makes some wonderful if Meek Mill thinks about Nicki Minaj instead of his new baby and girlfriend.

Fans have been typing out different opinion of who Meek Mill is referencing at.

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