Meek Mill Slams YouTube Fake Views; Numbers Do Lie ?

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Meek Mill Slams YouTube Fake Views;  Numbers Do Lie ?

Meek Mill has hopped on what seemly new stragedy on YouTube. Meek Mill took to Twitter with post referencing how numbers has been lying but looks like it’s because of TROLL video.

Not even a secret about Tekashi and Meek Mill beef drama having best spot on 2020 beef. Both parties going harder at each, lavishing more response as matter of fact Tekashi 6ix9ine too anxious and bitterly diss and attacking Meek Mill with sort of possible means. 

Meek Mill dropped Outside Of America song yet Tekashi said that’s not hit though advised Milly Incorporating Drake will definitely give him a hit instead of solo on single. However, Meek Mill isn’t slowing sketch response and this time TROLLZ fall victim of faking it’s view. Indirectly Meek Mill hints on Twitter.

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Without being told, Meek saying Numbers Do Lie I think Twitter detective fans where able to the grip proverb of course they insulate Meek Mill is taking slam at Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9ine recent juncture, TROLLZ video.

Numbers do lie … who made that up? He said. While Akademiks remains one of the internet side spy and Meek Mill Tekashi beef freak, he immediately screenshot Meek Mill’s Numbers do lie and post on Twitter where the rainbow hair rapper react with “64 Speaks”.

Meek Mill Trollz video Comment

Tekash’s TROLLZ video also encountered comments about fake views on Twitter where fans denounced the video as it more views than Lil Baby’s The Bigger Picture.

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