Meek Mill Shares New Song “Latter To Nipsey Hussle” and Family

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Meek Mill Shares New Song "Latter To Nipsey Hussle" and Family

Nipsey Hussle since his death, he has became more fixture in hip-hop despite the painful exit. If Meek Mill is planning to release new album this 2020 then Nipsey isn’t such obsolete in any future project.

So, the Philly who also commented on Kobe Bryson Helicopter Crash is all filled with sorrows following the inexplicable crash in California. Milly mourning both Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryson.

Nobody knows what he or she is waking to, he said on Instagram while while wondering about Kobe and his 13yrs daughter. However, it looks Meek Mill already haven putting smart record lately and it goes to Nipsey Hussle’s Family.

Meek Mill shares new song titled Letter To Nipsey Hussle ands it’s Roddy Ricch inspired. The song was debut after the 2020 Grammy and below is some lines you can roll along.

“And I ain’t finna sit here and act like I’m your main homie/But when we lost you it really put some pain on me,” Meek raps in the song’s opening verse. “Got me scared to go outside without that thing on me/When everybody went against me you ain’t change on me.”

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