Meek Mill New Album Threats 2019 Xmas

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Meek Mill New Album Threats 2019 Xmas

Don’t just get it the word “threats” twisted but like seriously it looks like Meek Mill is huddling to put out new material for his fanbase after Championship album was the last project we had from him.

We even thought as much he’s not readying any project and Amahiphop has been desperately busy compiling songs of Meek Mill from Guest features of course there’s ton of his smart hits (2019) Milly dropped under the coverage over peers although that’s collaborative songs.
So Ex lover of Nicki won’t exit 2019 without new songs ? Sure it sounds electrifying and embellish Question being answered on Twitter. 

The Philly rapper did a Q&A with fans on Twitter on Thursday night where he answered all kind of questions relating to his touring, his music, fans, thoughts on UK Hip-Hop and much more. The most interesting reply came when a fan asked if he’s dropping any new music to end the year. “You dropping any music to end the year or are you just gone hurt our hearts and make us wait?” the fan asked.

“I’ma set shit straight just to be in the convo of the 2019 albums,” he said. Currently new album of the Philly rapper is on timespan but no releasing date has been draw so far. Meek 2019 songs gives you his new 2019 album for the fact diverse of songs voiced out via joint penned tracks from third-party artists. Amahiphop added Meek Mill as prestigious art. we’re expecting his new project to hit Amahiphop December albums is quite interesting but we still need hints about his suprise announcement.

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