Meek Mill Feat. Eminem; Let’s Talk about It
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Meek Mill Feat. Eminem; Let's Talk about It

Okay we aren’t satisfied and assuming Milly is hanging up in pursue of different career off from Music. What really matters if grain and gems of his rappings couldn’t be notice with Slim Shady ?

Meek Mill last decade had slew of notable projects brought to hip-hop community. Tracing catalog of hip-hop albums, Meek Mill also has historical studio records on Billboard. From his Billboard chart history, the traditional Philly rapper cited with few albums showing his contribution to the culture.

2018 Championship album was the last accolade currently representing his name both in Grammy Awards with other related award shows. The album featured more powerhouse moguls which Jay-Z What’s Free isn’t sole single giving the album worth of its kind although the project embodies both Future and Young Thug on Slapsh Warning, Anuel  AA with Fabulous on Uptown Vibes with more tracks featuring peers in hip-hop.

Scanning through Robert Rihmeek Williams current life time albums, it’s rare hearing common hit incorporating Eminem and Meek Mill. But it could be a dream comes true if both parties are behind Spotify and Apple Music, probably with new joint single or album ?

Last year we grip on possiblity of Meek Mill featuring Eminem. Every single Stan thought there might be a freebies coming across Godzilla rapper and 1942 Flows rapper since he took audience by surprise on Twitter with intuition tweet were he added working with Em and Jay-Z ? For the fact Amahiphop compiled 2019 Meek Mill songs we also awaits his collaboration with boldly mentioned rappers above lately last year yet it never happened.

But Eminem and Jay-Z will appear on Meek Mill future album though different singles. Meek Mill 2020 album release status is green light, lit and will feature Cardi B, if clearly heared from our source.

Meanwhile Eminem Music To Be Murdered By you’re streaming today won’t he his last stream we’re having this year but there will be more featured songs which will be 2020 Eminem song compilation just like last year Eminem 2019 songs. So adding Meek Mill on that compilation is possibly coming to light.


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