Meek Mill and Girlfriend Milan Harris End Contract
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Meek and Harris child name

Just suprise right, but just do that after he with girlfriend Milan Harris welcomed their together baby. The split came months following the baby born.

Why did Meek Mill and Milan Harris didn’t marry, they ended the contract immediately Harris gave birth but it’s all unbeknown till Meek took to Twitter lately and made one of his comfortable announcement.

Remember Milly since this year he has been notably and undoubtedly one of this rappers who made social media sketch appearance while trying to stay relevant. Having said that, his recent appearance was just this split, nothing else, he convinced his that he’s done without no springs attached to. He didn’t said more about Kanye West calling him or any other but We me and Milano decided to remain friends.

“We me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents … we still have mad love for eachother but we both came to a understanding! -meek-,” Meek said on Twitter also took the screenshot to Instagram to evidence his Gram base as well. The post has been deleted, else check our screenshot below.

Meek and Harris break up

Meek Mill also said both have no fall out, they go separate ways now and she also remains one of his best. Also, Harris has not publicly commented on the situation. Instead, on Sunday night, she posted an Instagram update that said, “I’d never address my private life, publicly,” along with a message to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Did Meek Mill and girlfriend breakup, as most people asked. However, he lowed  his voice and specifically didn’t use the word break up but Amahiphop believes the contract is done.


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