Machine Gun Kelly Coachella

Machine Gun Kelly alleges he was banned from Coachella “Tell me know how it is.”

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Machine Gun Kelly was hoping to go to Coachella this year after supposedly being banned since 2012, but time spent with her daughter will come first.

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that his 14-year-old daughter Casie’s volleyball tournament coincides with this year’s yearly festival in a post on Twitter/X on Friday, April 12. The festival is scheduled for April 13 and 14, then again on April 20 and 21.

In addition, he said that in 2012, they blacklisted him for unknown reasons.

“I was hoping to attend Coachella this year, but my daughter’s volleyball tournament fell on the same days, so you guys will have to understand that she comes first. I’ve never been to a Coachella, they banned me in 2012 for some reason,” he stated.

As noted by Billboard, MGK may have been motivated to tweet in 2012 after learning he had been banned, referring to the festival as a “huge joke.”

He wrote, “Coachella is a huge joke,” a week following the 2012 event. “It’s corporate as fuck, and they act as though they don’t accept anyone but do.” Sad that today’s music is so popular.

Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd unexpectedly collaborated on an EP dubbed “genre: sadboy” towards the end of last month. JID makes an appearance on the ten-track project, which also incorporates production from artists like SlimXX, BazeXX, Ronny J, and others.

Mgk sings, “Bloodshot, blue eyes, I recorded two tonight/ One is for all those I love, this one’s for the suicide/ Everything is blue inside, everyone at you and I/ People won’t say how they feel about you until you die,” while battling suicidal thoughts and disclosing his struggles with depression in the lead single, “Lost Boys.”