Lupe Fiasco Drops ‘Drill Music In Zion’ – Listen

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Rappers and singers sometimes prefer to name their album the title from one particular song featuring the same album. Like Lupe Fiasco has dropped a new song called Drill Music In Zion and he said that’s equally the album title.

Interestingly, Lupe Fiasco is releasing a new album. Listening to Fiasco’s new single, he hones some of his lyrics in describing how people love material things and money entirely.

While that wasn’t the main happiness, his ability to come back to rap nearly after four years break is worth celebrating. Fans are excited while many can’t wait to stream it.

However, this album has been recorded over the few months. August will make it a full year. According to Lupe Fiasco’s engineer, it’s the best Rap album he’s ever mixed. What else has he mixed?Late Registration and was recorded in a 3-day last August.

It’s all good because the album is almost here. He has shared the official release which is June 24th being this month. See the album artwork below and the release date which he gave fans back on May 18th.

June has a lot to offer us from the hip-hop community and Lupe Fiasco Drops Drill Music In Zion’ album is one of the most wanted albums. Stream the new song from the album and let us know what you think.