Logic is Expecting a Baby

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The Maryland rapper, logic dropped a freestyle “no pressure”. The rapper hints that he is expecting a baby. Logic and his fiancee already got their marriage license.they were spotted in the courthouse recently so we are expecting a new couple sooner than later.

Last month, logic’s soon to be wife Brittney Noell had her bachelorette party in San Diego and an engagement ring was spotted on her left finger. Logics met Noell after he splited with his ex, Jessica and was reportedly divorced last September.

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In the freestyle he dropped he raps about his top 5 status and hints at a sequel to Under Pressure.

“On this Under Pressure sequel, we not taking it back
We keepin’ it pushin’  People scared to change  But you’ll find me deep in the cushion,” he rapped. He also added that he is expecting bobby.“And I’m having a little baby. Surprise! It’s a little baby boy,Fuck TMZ. They can’t get the scoop on this shit. Welcome little Bobby to the world one time.” he rapped.

We are also expecting an album and an upcoming tour from the rapper. We are happy for logic and his soon to be wife and we wish them the best of all.

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