Links Strict Turn 25th and Celebrates New Birthday

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Links Strict Celebrates His 25th Birthday Successfully

It’s all good and it’s all thankful to God almighty and all close-kits, fans of Amahiphop, Links Strict and more supporters. Today marks another birthday celebration to adorable CEO Amahiphop, Links Strict. 

The passionate hip-hop blogger turns 25th today and under his coverage we are seeing series of admiring wishes from different headquarter of social platforms. The West Side supporter has been blogging around hip-hop genre, sharing good information from news to videos, songs and making sure Amahiphop receive its best of accolades and attention around the glob.

Links Strict, to most folks he can be characterize as a freelancer who writes on niche like Entertainment and also profound writing skills on Tech blogs which one of them is Linkslogs.

While he continue to have the best summer and winter of his life, we editors and fans of Amahiphop wishes him more ages ahead.

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