Lil Yachty Teased Drake Playfully On His 37th Birthday

Lil Yachty Teased Drake Playfully On His 37th Birthday

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Lil Yachty teased Drake playfully on his birthday. Known for his close friendship with Drake. He celebrated with the 6th God on his 37th birthday.

However. This was done in a rather unconventional way.

Instead of the usual birthday wishes. Lil Yachty teased Drake jokingly. He did this as he threatened to leak a video that could embarrass him.

On Drake’s birthday. Lil Yachty took to his Instagram Story and posted a message.

In the message. He revealed that he might release a video of Drake.

Furthermore. He said that the video, would reveal Drake enjoying a hot dog, humorously referred to as a “glizzy”.

“Thinking about if I wanna drop this video of Drake eating a glizzy”. He wrote next to a selfie.

Although. Lil Yachty mentioned the idea. But he ultimately didn’t share any video of Drake eating a hot dog.

And this allowed the rapper to enjoy his 37th birthday without any unusual videos surfacing on the internet.

Lil Yachty and Drake‘s friendship has grown stronger in recent years. And they have collaborated on various projects.

Also. They spent time traveling together in the past. And Lil Yachty contributed to multiple tracks on Drake’s project “Her Loss”, which featured 21 Savage.

More to this. Yachty also received co-writing or production credits on five songs from Drake’s “For All the Dogs” album.

In addition. He made a vocal appearance on “Another Late Night“, in which he playfully mentioned Billie Eilish.

Drake celebrated his 37th birthday with a party in Miami, where a video clip went viral showing Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul taking on the role of bartenders.

While many were amazed by this, influencer/model YesJulz pointed out that the duo was promoting their mezcal brand at the event, offering a new perspective on their involvement.

Lil Yachty’s playful birthday tease added a fun touch to Drake’s celebration and showcased the close relationship between the two artists.