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Lil Yachty Shelves Plans To Form a New Rap Group

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Migos, Wu-Tang Clan or A$AP Mob weren’t obsolete to the culture yet Lil Yachty is shelving Plans to put out rap resemblance after some predecessor groups.

Lil Y is desperately working on a new project to help his friends
….. So is all about create or managing his crew, rap independent group
and he shard a bit information on his twitter account “I wanna start a new rap group yung nigga wu tang swag bout 8 yung fly niggaz,” he said

Lil Yachty has recruit some youthful rappers names like Kodie Shane, Jban $2Turnt, Byou,
BIGBRUTHACHUBBA, K$upreme, Earl The Pearll and Burberry Perry. They
once assembled but later gose on separate ways though boat blams them

“They were just really lazy. Not even a thing where they
were envious or jelly, they were just really lazy,” he said in a recent
interview. “I was like, ‘Why am I sitting here trying so hard to make
you guys?’ That’s the thing, I never wanted money from my friends
either, I just wanted them to be great. I never signed any of them. I
never put none of them on paper because I didn’t want that. I wanted
them to get their own labels.”

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