Lil Wayne Diss by Kodak Black for the Second Time But on Video

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Kodak diss Lil Wayne

This remind me of codine dream which turned to a hit single, that attracted both parties. That collaborating slightly justify both Kodak and Wayne online melee has been squeezed after their run-in.

The Pompano Beach rapper who has released couple songs and video just installed a new assault to tanish the Young Money Boss. During his weekend show, he made up mind to reignite his social brawle with Lil Wayne. Our source told us that the transgression rapper still pin it on what Lil Wayne said about him. He said Lil safely claim he had no idea whom Kodak Black was ?

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On his show at Liv nightclub in Miami, the rapper was caught while performing, dissing Lil Wayne just for the second. So the final verdict is that Kodak is still furious on Wayne for not been able to acknowledge him.

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