Lil Wayne And 2 Chainz Announce 'Welcome 2 ColleGrove' Album

Lil Wayne And 2 Chainz Announce ‘Welcome 2 ColleGrove’ Album

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Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz unveiled exciting details. This news was about the update on their forthcoming album.

Also. This marked the sequel to their 2016 collaboration, ColleGrove.

The name of this new album is called Welcome 2 ColleGrove.

However. On Friday (October 20). The duo shared the album’s release date. They also revealed it’s cover art.

More to this. The artwork is a fusion of Weezy’s visage. And it’s accompanied with subtle touches of Tity Boy. It also includes his distinctive beard.

Furthermore. This creative approach mirrors the original ColleGrove cover.

During that time. The cover ingeniously portrayed 2 Chainz. Adorned with some of Lil Wayne’s facial tattoos.

According to an official press release. Welcome 2 ColleGrove will be realeased on November 17. And it will be done through Def Jam.

As a taste of the musical prowess. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. Dropped a hard-hitting single titled “Presha”. The track was produced by Bangladesh. And it left listeners awe.

This is beacause. It takes them back to the essence of why people were drawn to Tity Boi’s music. Due to the use of playful bars designed for celebratory moments.

Tity Boi’s lyrical finesse shines as he spits…

“More refills on me, you know we lit, lit/ They gon’ run this back just like a pick-six/ I done fell in love with a thick bitch/ I done fell in love with a rich bitch”.

While. Lil Tunechi also seamlessly takes the reins. As he displayed his unparalleled ability.

He proved that he could adapt to the delivery of rhythms with each of the track he graces, rapping…

“I’m on that pressure, she on that bass/ I’m on that treble, I’m on her level/ She say her brother, he got them birds/ We ruffle his feathers/ Watch what you tell us, pressure cooker”.

Although. The build-up to Welcome 2 ColleGrove has been peppered with teasers and updates. Including building anticipation.

During a 2022 appearance on Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast. 2 Chainz also hinted that the album would be a departure from their first collaboration.

He said this. Emphasizing on the substantial studio time invested in crafting something unique.

In addition to this. Guest appearances from notable artists was made. These artists includes. Usher and also Benny The Butcher.

Back in August. Fans caught a glimpse of a potential music video. However, it featured the duo alongside Usher.

Also. This added to the intrigue of “COLLEGROVE 2”.

Additionally. DJ Toomp spilled the beans about his involvement.

He confirmed that he produced a track for the ColleGrove sequel.

Furthermore. He said that he did it with Benny The Butcher.

More to this. He promised a “wicked” record.

Also stating that…

“It will blend R&B samples with intricate drumwork and piano arrangements”.

As the release date approaches. The anticipation for Welcome 2 ColleGrove grows.

In conclusion. It also promises an unimaginable musical journey. Hoping that it defies expectations. And also welcomes new, groundbreaking sounds.