Lil Nas X & Billy Ray New “Old Town Road” Remix Feat. Young Thug with Mason Ramsey

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Lil Nas X Old Town Road is getting another brand new remix. After sparking a lot of accolades on billboard Chart Nas X then recruit both his formal collaborator Billy Ray, and then added another power to push the song more further.

The first version of Old Town Road wasn’t quite electrifying till he embark with Billy Ray which gave no questionable success. Today we are listening to another the third version of Lil Nas X OTR series ? with new guest appearance supported Young Thug and Mason Ramsey.

Young Thug and Lil Nas X has been on plan to drop a collaboration and here we both caught into a new remix. Lil Nas X previously gave us his latest album 7 currently stream across platform while he is also gearing to drop a new song with Young Buck just like 50 Cent.

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