Kodak Black Donates to Kids and Show Support Fighting COVID-19
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Kodak Black Donates Kids and Show More Support Fighting COVID-19

Not the first time Kodak Black showing he best on freebies. The is still locked up yet never being such careless to kids needing help to survive either via education or other.

Previously, the rapper wishes the novel Coronavirus last till he’s release, on open later. But Kodak open mind is quiet interesting despite the State temporary shut down untill April 15 while practitioners endeavors to exit COVID-19 Pandemic.

While Amahiphop heard from TMZ, source revealed to Amahiphop that Kodak isn’t happy seeing Florida kids remain indoors over the course of world threat virus. However, he also believe the federal government works on best stragedy.

But to play the crucial part or roll, the Transgressions rapper attorney said his client is loaning assets to Florida kids. He’s donating 625 reading comprehension books to 625 elementary students in Broward County, Fla.

As said earlier, Kodak Black continue to show concern to Florida and last year both Card B and K B gifted to kids celebrating Xmas.


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