Kodak Black and Cardi B Gives Back To Society For Xmas

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Kodak Black and Cardi B Gives Back To Society

Cardi B and Kodak Black are giving back wholeheartedly in this season of Christmas. Bardi, just like Amahiphop reported few hours lately, the Money hitmaker is doing her best to the needy kids. Her recent movement was to distribute Christmas gift to less privileges.

It wasn’t all about this season also about her good intent towards kids. Bodak Yellow rapper stretched love to kids in Florida and shared Toys, dolls and more of Christmas experience.

Another latest artist who is rendering charity to the society is no other but Kodak Black. Despite being held in prison, he used little privilege at his lowest moment to send Christmas gift to love ones and fans. Sure his detention by court couldn’t deprived him of doing things he wanted this Christmas. He strive to make sure he send gift to people.

According to his attorney, Kodak is spreading lot of Xmas gift to thousands of people with thousands of dollars out this Christmas to both charities, religious institutions, and individual families.

Florida kids are already having lot of Christmas giveaway from related celebrities like Cardi B and Kodak Black who said to his camp to allotment of toys for the Paradise Day Care Center in Broward County, Florida, which will be dished out to kids from 70 different families in need. The ages of these kids range from 2-7 years old.

Everything are currently taking it shape according to how the Transgression rapper want it to be. He also sent special offer to particular family he felt for. He’s buy lot of gift like games, pads mattress. Black building his good being and belief and upon all mentioned above, he also signed to donate some money to help build a new synagogue.

While Cardi B already spent $5,000 worth of gifts in Florida, Kodak Black in estimate has spent about $8,000 on Christmas charity and lot more. But Kodak Black looks like he didn’t spent much this year after we recall his donation during last year which cost him $10,000 to the Jack and Jill Children’s center, which is a provider of early children’s education.

May his run-in this year is little bit restriction because as of last year been 2018, he donates much to the society both on education and more.

Kodak Black is currently Sentenced to Nearly 4 Years in Prison and upon this hard time the rapper still can show love to the less previlage and society.

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